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Computer Repair for Point Loma
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LogMeIn Remote Support

With a simple program installation and an internet connection, Point Loma's homes and businesses can be connected to a kind, friendly, Microsoft Trained and Certified Point Loma Computer Repair Technician to service your computer in a few minutes, not days.

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Small Business Networks
Streamline your office processes

Small Business Networks

Need centralized file management? How about tighter security for your sensitive information? Point Loma Computer Repair Services can tailor a network to your specific business and security needs. Call today and find out how much smoother your workplace could run!

Virus / Malware Removal
Get your PC a clean bill of health!

Virus Removal Point Loma

Viruses, malware, browser hijacks and worse. Everyone in Point Loma has experienced them and it can completely shut your computer down. Point Loma Computer Repair Services can provide you with solutions to remove viruses, repair your computer and help prevent interruptions to your workflow.

Computer & Software Training
Get comfortable with your computer

Computer and Software Training

From tips and tricks to learning new software programs or just getting more comfortable with your operating system, we can help you get more familiar with your computer. Call us today and find out how simple learning can be with Point Loma Computer Repair Services training!

Computer Upgrades
Get updated to the latest technology

Computer Repair Point Loma

We know it's a daunting prospect to upgrade your computer. Point Loma Computer Repair Services can simplify this process for you, bringing you the latest technology that fits your home or small business. Whether you need to upgrade a home computer or your entire office, we can provide a tailor-made solution that best suits your needs.

Website Design and SEO
Improve your web presence!

Website Design and SEO

Nothing says more about your business on the web than a powerful and professionally made website. However, without good SEO engineering, it will be lost among the thousands of search results. Let Point Loma Computer Repair Services help you with a complete website package and Search Engine Optimization techniques the pros use!


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